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Box cones turning brown.

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Question from Jane


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On our return from holiday in September, the 2 Box cones I have in pots had turned brown. I'm certain this was due to lack of water. I took them out of the pots and gave them a good soak but they didn't revive. Once they get to this state are they likely to recover and is there anything I can do to improve their chances? Jane

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  • Posted: Sun. 11th November 2012 17:09

Re: Box cones turning brown.

Reply from Angie Robertson

When you say brown - do you mean brown and crispy or just a dull browny yellow colour?
The later is a lack of minerals - this can be corrected through feeding to replace lost minerals from the compost.
The former could be a bit of wind/frost damage on new/young growth.
Any chance of a picture?

  • Posted: Tue. 13th November 2012 17:13