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Kingston black pruning

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Question from Carole Wise


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Is this variety spur bearing or tip bearing? I planted a bare root whip this spring and realize I am a few years away from seeing fruit but am curious.
Also wondering if I should use central leader or other shape?

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  • Posted: Tue. 13th November 2012 03:33

Re: Kingston black pruning

Reply from charlottlp@hotmail.co.uk

Hi Carol,

I don't know if Kingston Black if tip or spur bearing. You said you have a whip, is it a maiden whip - one stem with no side shoots or a feathered maiden- stem with side shoots?
If you have a maiden whip and you want to establish a bush tree your first year of formative pruning look as follows. Prune your whip to a hight of about 75cm to above a bud. You want to aim to have a least 4 plump buds below the first.
If you have a feathered maiden you would cut out thr central stem and shorten your side shoots by about two thirds. You want to choose which bid to cut to depending in which direction you would like to encourage growth. Choose an upward facing bud on a horizontal stems and a downward facing bud on a vertical stem. Your aim is to achieve a nice goblet shape for your tree in the future.
Why not contact Brogdale Farm who hold the National collection of Apples I'm sure they will know if it's tip or spur bearing http://www.brogdalecollections.co.uk/brogdale-identification.html

Hope that helps

  • Posted: Tue. 13th November 2012 08:28

Re: Re: Kingston black pruning

Reply from Carole Wise

Thank you! not a feathered maiden yet, the only feathers so far are from my Legbars and Marans. ;). I will follow your advice on shaping/pruning and also contact Brogdale Farms

  • Posted: Sun. 2nd December 2012 02:56