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Please can you identify this rose?

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Question from Sophia Silverman


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I have inherited this rose in my new garden. It stands about 1.6 m high unsupported although I have now put a support in place for it. It has been in flower since spring and is still flowering now in November. The flowers are about 5 cms accross, pink with a splash of yellow in the centre and have a lovely sweet scent. The leaves are quite small and light in colour, I'd love to know it's name if anyone can help identify it. Thank you

Please can you identify this rose? (26/11/2012)

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  • Posted: Mon. 26th November 2012 19:41

Re: Please can you identify this rose?

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Sophia,
So many possibilities! :) Have you tried an Advanced Search here on Shoot? Click 'Advanced Search' (next to the green Search tab in the tool bar). Then, type Rosa in the Plant name box and select 'pink' for flower colour under flower attributes. You will get a list to peruse of pink roses. You can also narrow your search by plant height but that might be misleading because I am guessing, since your home is new, the previous owners might not have pruned if occupied with moving. Is it very upright or more rounded. More upright and it might be a hybrid tea, more rounded could be a shrub rose.
Happy Searching,
Kathy C

  • Posted: Wed. 28th November 2012 20:10

Re: Re: Please can you identify this rose?

Reply from Sophia Silverman

Thanks Kathy,
That's great, I'll have a go with the advanced search tool, I hadn't tried it yet. The rose is more upright than rounded, but like you guessed, rather overgrown from lack of pruning.

  • Posted: Thu. 29th November 2012 20:42