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Coprosma 'Pacific Sunset' issue!

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Question from Mandy


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I have bought my 'Pacific Sunset' plant into my house but the leaves have turned grey and are dropping - the plant is pretty naked now. There is sticky residue under the branches on my wooden floor also with minute white bits also.
Has my plant died? Did I killed it? Can I do anything to make it live again?
My parents bought it for me two years ago, it survived well inside last year but now it is really poorly ;-(
What should I do? Thank you for your time.

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  • Posted: Sun. 9th December 2012 17:46

Re: Coprosma 'Pacific Sunset' issue!


Looks like it might be an insect problem, with the sticky residue and white cottony stuff. When plants are left outside and then brought in , insects come in and increase and multiply like crazy. I would put the plant in a bucket of safer type soap and water solution, give it a good drench, then let it dry out, in February I would prune and fertilize it and see if anything comes of it.

  • Posted: Sun. 9th December 2012 19:40