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My Nandina has grown rather tall and bushy but stayed almost green last year. While it is in chalky soil it is up against a wall north-west facing and gets light but not much sun. Is this the reason why it has lost its autumn shade colours please?


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  • Posted: Mon. 18th February 2013 20:35

Re: Loss of colour

Reply from Louise Yates M.A.

I'm guessing it's been planted there for a couple of years? They do like a dose of sun through the day; the happiest specimens I've planted have had at least a couple of hours a day; they are woodland edge dwellers in the wild.. you could try feeding it to encourage the berries to come as chalk soils are a little thin & low in nutrients; that should bring its colour back too!
Good luck!

  • Posted: Tue. 19th February 2013 08:36