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Question from Ishbel


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Hi when the flowers have finished what shoud I do with them so that I can use them again - currently in containers?
many thanks Ishbel

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  • Posted: Tue. 23rd April 2013 20:01

Re: Bulbs

Reply from Angie Robertson

You can plant your bulbs out in the garden, find a suitable spot. They generally do not look as good as they do in their first year but you should be able to enjoy them for future years!

  • Posted: Thu. 25th April 2013 17:43

Re: Re: Bulbs

Reply from Ishbel

Thank you Annie that is most helpful! I have inherited a very large space to fill so do not want to waste anything! Ishbel

Re: Re: Bulbs (25/04/2013)

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  • Posted: Thu. 25th April 2013 21:06