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Plants/grasses resistant to vine weevils & hardy in northern winds...?

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Hi, forgive me if this has been gone over and over again, but I'm new to the site and can't locate the answers I'm seeking.

Vine weevils have decimated the plants along the side and front of my house. I have chopped them down, tried to remove the habitat (bark/leaves/debris) but admittedly have more to do on that score.

Now, I have no intention of trying to control the weevils, I just want to make their lives intolerable and hungry so they go elsewhere. I've treated the area twice already with nemotodes, but gosh, it's such a big job and I'm unconvinced it's done any good.

The plan: remove the existing plants and top soil. Add shingle to the top of the soil and leave for a year (full life cycle of a weevil) then plant hardy grasses and hairy plants that I understand weevils dislike.

The questions:
1. do weevils really stay away from grasses?
2. what grasses can cope with a strong north easterly exposed area, clay stoney ground and sometimes boggy, sometimes moist surface? I'm looking at Stipa arundinacea, stipa lessingiana, elymus hispidus. What is the general thought?
3. the front of the house has/had shrubs. It is north facing and very exposed, again, the soil is a mix of clay, stones and some moisture. I would like something that will create a barrier between the house and road, has curb appeal but doesn't need much maintance (i.e. a yearly trim works). But what? I have pale bricks and have a more med feel with contained bamboo in the backgarden. With grasses at the side of the house I'm keen to avoid a traditional privet. The weevils are of course a problem too. I'm thinking: cv burfordi. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have read that weevils dislike photinia (red robins) but that is not true. The spot where I am looking to put grasses has photinia and they've been well chewed!

Advice gratefully received!


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  • Posted: Thu. 2nd May 2013 10:08