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Magnolia losing leaves..

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Question from Jenny Sagi


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We were given this lovely stellata planted in a huge pot for our wedding anniversary.
It flowered beautifully and then after the flowers dropped the leaves began to appear, but now they are showing signs of being eaten by something, and I can't see anything, presumably should be spraying it with something, but what??
Please advise.

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  • Posted: Sun. 26th May 2013 15:39

Re: Magnolia losing leaves..

Reply from Angie Robertson

A picture of the damage to the leaves would be helpful to id what might be causing the problem.
Magnolia require an acid soil/ericaceous compost, is it potted in the correct medium? Have you been watering regularly?

  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 17:00

Re: Re: Magnolia losing leaves..

Reply from Jenny Sagi

It's outside so has had plenty of rain, and when not I've watered it with rainwater. Planted in ericaceous compost. sorry photos not very clear

  • Posted: Sat. 1st June 2013 10:25