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Care of Primula Denticulata

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Question from Lorna Jeffery


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These plants have finished flowering and look rather bedraggled now. Should I now cut off the dead heads or the complete flower stalks?

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  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 09:51

Re: Care of Primula Denticulata

Reply from Angie Robertson

If you want them to self seed around the garden - leave the flowerhead on the plants. If they are coloured the resulting seedlings will not be as dark as the parents.
If you want to cut them off - remove the flower stalks right at the base. The foliage on Primula Denticulata can get rather large during the summer but will die back completely in winter.
I find that growing them behind something that will hide them in summer works just fine. I use Lady's Mantle - still dormant when Primulas are flowering and tall enough to hide the scruffy, often slug devoured foliage.
Choose a plant that grows suitable in the spot you grow them.

  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 16:54