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Growing in a pot and yellow leaves

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Question from Laura_Failla


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I've got a Hosta Sieboldiana and is growing in a pot. I would like to know if the pot could be a good place for the plant or if it could cause some problems.
Moreover in these last days i've noticed that the plant starts to have 3 yellow leaves whit holes.

I haven't said that I try to put the Hosta in partial shade but during the morning she has 3 hours of sun. Today I've found three little,little snails. :(

thank you

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  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 13:52

Re: Growing in a pot and yellow leaves

Reply from Angie Robertson

There you go - you found the culprits for the holes!
Your hosta will be happy in shade so I doubt 3 hours of sun will be affecting it. It's possible that the leaves that are yellow have been nibbled from the base and are dying.
There may well be tiny little slugs or snails in the crown of the plant. Have a good root around. The slugs will be a very light beige colour and very difficult to see.
Hostas grow fine in pots but you must remember to keep them well watered. There will come a time when you have to divide your plant as it will eventually get too bit. That's good news though - more plants :)
Once you are sure there are no more slugs or snails in there - it might be a good idea to place some fine grit over the surface. Another tip I've read but not used is smearing vaseline around the rim of the pot.
If you don't mind using slug pellets - place no more than 6 on top of the compost. That should see off any that remain before you start preventative measures.

  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 16:41

Re: Re: Growing in a pot and yellow leaves

Reply from Laura_Failla

Thank you for the advices!!! I try to find all the slugs..they were very little. I found "only" three. Tomorrow I do a double check. I put around the plant some little blu balls against the slugs..what do you think about this type of measure?
I'm used to giving her some water every day. I hope it's good.
I've read the perfect time to divide the plant will be between August and September...I think I'll put the Hosta in a bigger pot or in the earth...:)

  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 20:35