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Question from barbardn


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My friend Diane who lives in Benfleet has an Almond Tree in her garden, this is the tree's fourth year. She noticed at the end of last year that before the leaves dropped off they started to curl. At the beginning of this year the leaves were fine followed by beautiful blossom. Then following the blossom the leaves started to shrivel and curl up. Also lots of the good leaves are dropping off! Can anyone tell me what is wrong and how can She treat the problem.

Almond Tree (03/06/2013)Almond Tree (03/06/2013)Almond Tree (03/06/2013)

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  • Posted: Mon. 3rd June 2013 14:56

Re: Almond Tree


the almond is in the prunus family and like all prunus is susceptible to diseases, this looks like leaf curl, it affects the peaches and nectarines too. Rain and damp weather seems to bring it on, you can use horticulture oil and copper or lime sulfur during the dormant period, check out a site that will help you with the times to spray. Almonds do best in dry climates.

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd June 2013 16:52

Re: Re: Almond Tree

Reply from barbardn

I thank you for your prompt reply, I will pass this on to my friend.

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd June 2013 21:35