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Are these aphids please?

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Question from Fran street


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My poor tree is withering are these aphids and how can I help?!

Are these aphids please? (12/06/2013)

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  • Posted: Wed. 12th June 2013 17:36

Aphids attack!!

Reply from Olia Pollock

Dear Shoot members!

Help!! I have all roses covered with green aphids (and brown as well)!! I am in Malvern (climate wise).
Yesterday 10th of march 2014 I found all this disaster in the garden. I did washed it with water from the hose, then bought anti aphid's spray and spent almost the whole bottle spraying..
I wonder if somebody ever saw really scary attack on new leaves and stems of roses (literally bunches of this ugly aphids were there) and what do I have to do now?? I do fear if I damaged my roses with the amount of aphid killing spray. Do I have to check roses every day now and collect "aphids-survivors" by hand??
I wonder if it is normal to have such an total infestation at the beginning of March?? Did I miss protective spraying in February??
Please, help!
Thank you.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th March 2014 16:34