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I have honeysuckle which has been thriving for the last two years since planting. It was growing fast before i went on holiday two weeks ago. I did however give a further feed before i went away meaning it had a feed two weeks running of miracle grow which much improved the speed of growth by feeding once fortnightly.
Upon my return i was horrified to see most of the leaves had died off and wish to know if any advice can be given to me. I have included a couple of pics which may lead to the solving of my problem.

arrrrrgh (02/07/2013)arrrrrgh (02/07/2013)arrrrrgh (02/07/2013)

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  • Posted: Tue. 2nd July 2013 19:07

Re: arrrrrgh


looks like mildew, give it a prune and fertilize with a slow release fertilizer

  • Posted: Tue. 2nd July 2013 19:31

Re: Re: arrrrrgh

Reply from chad

Thank you for your advice Elaine i shall certainly try the slow release and hopefully halt the decay attack the leaves that are still growing well.

  • Posted: Tue. 2nd July 2013 19:52

Mint crisp

Reply from mandygbowen@gmail.com

> I am concerned about my new Mint Crisp Japonica(planted in a tub mid
> June)..The
> first one died..planted in open clay soil in a courtyard garden ..so this one is in a tub .I thought the soil might be the problem. I am
> watering it regularly. It gets sun during the day but not all day.I took advice about where I was planting it from the nursery I bought it from.
> Some leaves are
> falling off and dying including new ones and little clumps of leaves.Some bare patches have resulted. I think it has a few flowers coming though.
> Can
> you advise.We are trying to grow it up a garage wall and have wires
> for it to attach to. It has grown but not much(since mid June)and I
> thought it might have grown more. What am I doing wrong. I have fed it
> once or twice too.Thank you very much

  • Posted: Thu. 25th July 2013 09:27