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azalea sir robert leaf browning

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Question from ron


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Hi,please help. My azalea is planted in ericaceous compost and horticultural pearlite.Recently bought from garden centre with all lush green leaves. Since put on patio, all leaves have gone brown and hard to touch but they aren't falling off. Roots are well formed but were brown when bought. Currently trying to keep dry after was soaked in heavy rain. Any advice much appreciated as trying not to kill the plant! Doesn't appear to be a disease from what I can find online. Many thanks.

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  • Posted: Wed. 3rd July 2013 20:39

Re: azalea sir robert leaf browning

Reply from Angie Robertson

Is there any chance of providing a picture of your plant?
I'm finding it hard to imagine how if it is growing in a container with adequate drainage holes in the base that heavy rain could cause the kind of damage you are describing.
Without seeing an image - my guess at problem would either be under watering or damage to foliage from being in too much sun. Could either of these be the cause?
I grow a few Azaleas and at this time of the year their foliage isn't the best, this year especially so as it's been very sunny, dry and hot here in Scotland.

  • Posted: Sat. 6th July 2013 21:28

Azalea sir robert leaf browning

Reply from ron

Thanks for your reply Angie. I bought from a garden centre and I think the way they water with the hoses they maybe overwatered it before I bought it. I thought the brown roots were because of the ericacious soil(I'm new to gardening, but am doing well with everything else I've grown!) I'm now keeping indoors in the kitchen in a shady but warm place. I potted it up and the outer soil is dry but the central plug is still moist and damp but not soaking wet. I'm thinking to not water it for another day or two in the hope that this will encourage it to put out new roots. Maybe the brown roots are healthy for all I know. I'll water it a little every day after that but be careful not to drench it. Hope photos are ok. My next door neighbour has an azalea and it was flowering lovely last week but has lost them all this week. She doesn't know about my problem though. Maybe they just do better on the west coast? I'm in Livingston. Thanks again.

Azalea sir robert leaf browning (07/07/2013)Azalea sir robert leaf browning (07/07/2013)

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  • Posted: Sun. 7th July 2013 12:18