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pest infestation.

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Question from Joan Rogan


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Newbie gardene here and Im feeling lost. Just bought 3 lavandula stoechas( mulberry ruffles)plants to add to my new patio garden and also to hopefully send the thousands ( well, it seems like thousands) of midgies away but so far Im having no luck. has anyone any other suggestions on how to get rid of these little pests.I love my new container garden but cant enjoy it at night or else I go back into house feeling my skin and scalp is crawling.

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  • Posted: Mon. 22nd July 2013 13:01

Re: pest infestation.

Reply from David Jamieson

Joan, I'm not sure there is any proven way to keep midges away from an area. They don't like direct sun or wind which is why they tend to be prevalent early mornings and evenings. Lavender does have midge replant properties but it really needs to be quite concentrated to help you. An essential oil rubbed on your skin will work, but might be too over-powering for you!

For me, over the years I have used Avon Skin so Soft spray on oil -- it is very effective to the point that the army are the largest purchaser of it. The only down side it you need to keep applying every few hours. It's also quite oily!

Recently I discovered Smidge; it's been around for a few years but I have never tried it until recently. It lasts for several hours and has a pleasant smell. It has been a saviour for me. I may never get rid of the pests in the garden but I can now relax, confident that I will not be bitten.

I blogged about it here... http://forkingmad.com/midge-free-gardening

I encourage you to give it a try.

  • Posted: Mon. 22nd July 2013 14:34