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Hoya Carnosa

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Comment from Connie Williams


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Grown from a tiny cutting about 50 years ago, a massive Hoya Carnosa needs a new home. Trained up 6 foot canes in a pot it is dearly loved but I cannot repot or contain it any larger and am constantly snipping off the flowering stems. I would like to think it could go somewhere to be treasured, maybe in a conservatory or similar or even better somewhere like a hospice? Any suggestions?

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  • Posted: Mon. 5th August 2013 11:33

Re: Hoya Carnosa

Reply from Rita

I have one of these too, and have found that chopping it right back to just a few stems 30cm long in the autumn will keep this plant in check, enabling you to continue to enjoy it!

  • Posted: Sat. 24th August 2013 15:29

Re: Re: Hoya Carnosa

Reply from Connie Williams

Wow!!! REALLY??!? No??!!! Oooeer...... If that worked it would be fabulous. But I'm not sure I have the courage...... I think if I killed it I would have to jump off the pier! But....... it could mean that I could climb into the middle, give new supports and take a look at the compost..... I could take some cuttings first couldn't I? Think I need therapy first!! Rita, you are wonderful! Thank you so much; it has never occurred to me to actually prevent it from growing too large. Connie.

  • Posted: Sat. 14th September 2013 14:13