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Hello, after clearing a very overgrown garden in June, this was just a few twigs and leaves. In the last 10 weeks it has made good new growth but no flowers yet. I think it must once have been trained against a wall, and that is what I hope to do. It's about 2 ft tall right now. The leaves are small, a nice bright green, and seem to be grouped in three's. Many thanks.

What might this be?

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  • Posted: Mon. 12th August 2013 21:39

Re: What might this be?


Looks like jasminum nudiflorum or winter blooming jasmin, it is a lax shrub with yellow flowers all through winter, best trained on wires or cascading down a slope.

  • Posted: Tue. 13th August 2013 00:32

Re: Re: What might this be?

Reply from Carol

Thanks, I've looked that up and I think you're right. It's in the perfect spot and I'm looking forward to some winter colour.

  • Posted: Tue. 13th August 2013 06:11

Re: Re: Re: What might this be?

Reply from Jan Jones

It's a great winter shrub, really vibrant yellow shining through the winter gloom, and the flowers last ages. Pretty tough as well, so easily copes with cutting back quite hard, and easy to tie in against the wall

  • Posted: Wed. 14th August 2013 11:33