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I have two ornamental beds that lie underneath two great red cherry trees that create a dry shady condition. Naturally not a lot will thrive but I would like to create a carpet of silver evergreen foliage underneath. I'm a newbie and hope somebody can help

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  • Posted: Tue. 20th August 2013 20:30

Re: Suggestion for full shade plant


First you have to add a lot of compost, I use my mower and grind all the leaves of the trees in Fall and throw it on the beds, you do this year after year and you will create a half decent place to plant. Cherry trees have quite a few surface roots, so what you have is dry shade, start with small plants and plant in Fall.
For shrubs, nothing tolerates those conditions better than aucuba picturata has yellow leaves, and if you have a male close by it produces lovely red berries in Jan. choisya aztec pearl is another evergreen shrub with lovely white flowers in spring.
For bulbs, hardy cyclamen and erythronium, for ground covers lamium sliver beacon, for perennials any of the white and green hostas, brunnera Jack frost, liriope silver dragon, I believe, polygonatum hybridum, there is a variegated variety, geranium phaeum 'Margery fish, and try anemone hybridum Honorine Jobert, try kerengeshoma palmatum. With the perennials, it will take some effort to get them established.
Good luck.

  • Posted: Tue. 20th August 2013 21:52