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recently planted garlic which is from tesco so i dont know anything about it except that it is garlic. but now at the end of September it is already coming up and is a few inches high. I somehow thought that it would be like other spring flowers and not see anything until the spring. the questin is will the frost kill it before long or would it be worth protecting it uner plastic of something. many thanks

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  • Posted: Sat. 28th September 2013 13:42

Re: garlic

Reply from Daphne Tompkins

Garlic is really easy to grow. It is best planted in the garden, but I have grown it in pots before. Always put the clove about half a finger in depth. Best to plant in October, but can be planted in March. Yes, garlic over-winters well, with the frost and snow not affecting it at all. Garlic requires very little watering in the garden, in fact watering any allium, I find is bad and can cause rot. If you plant in Autumn, you will have ripe garlic from June onwards. Reap the crop before the tops have completely died off, otherwise it is difficult to find. This year I grew French garlic which I bought off the market in Southern France. Also Tesco's cloves, that's the cheapest way. Please ensure the pot doesn't get frosted....recommend that you plant a row of garlic in your open garden. It is a very easy, cost effective and healthy plant to grow. It stores in a dry shed until March next year, when it starts to re-grow. Ensure you store with about six inches of stalk, which should dry on the garlic. Best of luck.

  • Posted: Mon. 30th September 2013 08:27

Re: Re: garlic

Reply from Michael Hanbury

many thanks I planted mine in a long pot a few weeks ago and it is already a few inches high it is in a sheltered spot so lets see what happens many thanks again

  • Posted: Tue. 1st October 2013 13:11