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10 reasons why a career in garden maintenace is a great choice

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I maintain large gardens of half an acre and upwards. This means each garden takes at least half a day, and most take a full day at a time. Some are visited once a week, some once a month. Most are all year around. The ten reasons below are for maintenance in all gardens that require more than just a mow & strim, but they apply best of all to total maintenance of larger gardens.

1. Connection to Nature - Where could be a better workplace than the garden?
2. Satisfaction - Maintaining a garden over the course of a year, and even a decade, creates a deep sense of satisfaction.
3. Creativity - Choosing plants, solving landscape problems, choosing the right tool for the job, developing a graden with a wildflower meadow, all everyday skills to develop.
4. Working for Yourself - No boss, and your own timetable. One for the control freaks like me! No one to sack you either, which leads to...
5. Job Security - Though the beginning can be tricky, and winter starts to drag around February, when you build a good name and loyal clients you will never be short of work.
6. Loyal Clients - Working in someone's garden on a long-term basis builds a long-term relationship built on mutual trust and respect. The first garden I ever worked in professionally, I still work in, over 13 years later.
7. Tools - I admit it, I love tools, and I buy the best. If the words strimmer, chainsaw and ride-on mower don't bring a nod of approval, this job probably isn't for you!
8. The Physical - Maintenance gardening is tough work, you will feel your muscles and the endorphins that go with outdoor work. Dig over that plot and enjoy the burn.
9. The Learning - You will always be learning as a gardener and growing of course, in all senses of the word. Plus, you will know some Latin, isn't that great?
10. Variety - Every day a different garden, every day a different job to do, every season with its own set of challenges. You won't get bored

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  • Posted: Tue. 8th October 2013 19:27

Re: 10 reasons why a career in garden maintenace is a great choice

Reply from Jay

Working outdoors with the fresh air and being closer to nature is good for your health and mind.
Winter is a real bummer though so you have to make as the sun shines as they say.

It can be a very rewarding career but also hard work at times.


  • Posted: Thu. 30th April 2020 11:39