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How 8 years can change you...

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Comment from Josh Egan-Wyer


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It was only about 8 years ago at the age of 14 that Landscape Architecture was suggested to me as a career option by a careers computer program. I hurriedly spoke with my head of year who let me change my Standard Grade options to better reflect what a Landscape Architect would need (I lived in Aberdeen at the time). I moved schools soon afterwards, choosing similar subjects still on course to want to be a Landscape Architect.

And then I got to 6th Form and I'd developed a bit as a person. Plants started to become a fascination instead of an interest, I was still interested in the landscape but there was something more about growing plants and learning about them that grabbed my attention. It was easier to research things on the internet with the advent of wireless internet at home, and so I discovered the word 'horticulture'.

My step-dad suggested I took my CV to a local Garden Centre 10 miles up the road and see what happened. I got a phone call in the February and started working on a Sunday at the garden centre. To cut a really long-story in to just a long one, it was here that I heard about Pershore College, the national centre of excellence for horticulture and so my journey continued. I came knowing that I wanted to follow the design element of the course but could never truly say exactly where I wanted to work with horticulture. And I did all this in spite of my Head of 6th Form telling me I should be doing something 'clever'.

I have now completed my degree (BSc in Horticulture (First Class)) and am working as the supervisor of the Nursery at the College. I've set-up an initiative called 'Pershore Plant Ident' helping students to get better at plant identification and such and designed a Silver medal winning garden at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show. I'm involved with the Institute of Horticulture and Plant Heritage also.

Who'd have predicted that from a chance suggestion by a computer program in 2005.

How 8 years can change you...How 8 years can change you...

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  • Posted: Sun. 20th October 2013 11:47

Re: How 8 years can change you...

Reply from Alexia at Blooming Marvellous Plants

Josh, that's fantastic. Congratulations on your great degree and on choosing such a rewarding career. I came to my career in horticulture late, at the age of 40, and wish I'd done so earlier. But now, ten years on, I love every day and hope the same is true for you.
Best of luck with your career.
Kind regards,
Blooming Marvellous Plants

  • Posted: Mon. 28th October 2013 23:09