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Delphiniums are my favourite flowers. If only I could grow them! The name's quite pleasant, too, not like some...

A Fantasia of Flower Names

Lobelia, camellia, wisteria,

Periwinkle, fairy thimble, honeysuckle,

Dahlia, azalea, lavender, hortensia,
marigold, maidenhair, moon-flower, star-flower,

Hare bell, fairy bell, blue bell, pimpernel,
mud wort, stink wort -
Fairyland or Hell?

Bog wort, hog wort, stab wort, wound wort,
spleen wort, bladder wort, mad wort, madder wort...

Enchanting plant names some have got.
Others need some thought.


Not that anything's flowering right now... is it? Not in my garden it ain't. Here's how my last year's gardening diary would have read, had I deemed it worth writing one:

End of Year Evaluation

January: stark stagnation.
February: no variation.
March: slug gang infiltration.
April: nettle infestation.
May: hot sun! Need irrigation.
June: urgent deforestation.
July: rain: inundation.
August: mud; exasperation.
September: harvest desperation.
October: leaves cause drain blockation.
November: bleak dilapidation:
rotting, reeking vegetation.
December: time off! Celebration!
Send the garden to dam...
but you can do the pronunciation.


But if, unlike me, you still have flowers in your garden, now is the time to be preparing them for presentation as special Christmas gifts.

Season's greetings!


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  • Posted: Tue. 26th November 2013 14:18