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Question from Roy Warrender


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I have just moved into a Retirement Bungalow, in the boarder is a Camellia "Anticipation". what is the best way of keeping the height to about 2 meters in height, also it leans to the right what is the best way other than replanting to straightening the plant

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  • Posted: Tue. 26th November 2013 22:00

Re: Camellia


Pruning to both questions. After it finishes blooming is the time to remove the height from the leaders and to the next question, you can prune the side that is leaning to the right to bring it in balance to the left side, this too can be done after the plant finishes blooming.

  • Posted: Wed. 27th November 2013 00:32

Re: Re: Camellia

Reply from Roy Warrender

Thanks for the reply ok will prune for the height problem . its the lean to the right that I need to redress its not uneven foliage but the plant stem leans, I am thinking to put a support post then loosening the soil on the left side then using a tie back to pull it upright gently during the season, or would it be better to dig it up and re plant it straight' its got plenty of buds ready for next years flowers and I don't want to loose them
The height at the moment is about 2 metres and I need to keep it below 2.2 metres Site regulations nothing above the fence height


  • Posted: Wed. 27th November 2013 11:17