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C. Nootkatensis Pendula

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Does anyone know where we can purchase a 'Specimen' tree of a reasonable size within the UK for delivery to Peterhead (North-East Scotland) area? We don't want a small twiggy tree that will take years to come to anything. Looking for something around 2-3M height. We are building a brand new garden that needs some height and 'instant' impact.

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  • Posted: Fri. 29th November 2013 13:01

Re: C. Nootkatensis Pendula

Reply from Angie Robertson

I came across a site yesterday called Buy the tree you see. I didn't investigate much as I found the tree I was looking at was way beyond my budget - might be worth having a look if it's not an issue for you. I would also suggest asking a local independent nursery - they may be able to source one for you in the size you need. I know my local nursery offers such a service for larger specimens.
I'm not sure how Nicola feels about me mentioning another site but would like to say that I have no connection to the site I have mentioned and have no experience in dealing with them, therefore offer no recommendation.

  • Posted: Fri. 29th November 2013 16:20

Re: Re: C. Nootkatensis Pendula

Reply from John Biggins

Thanks Angie, I've looked at their site for other trees but couldn't find one that I liked. Cannot find this tree on their site but I've dropped them a line asking if they have any. Probably next week before I hear anything.

  • Posted: Fri. 29th November 2013 19:25