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Can I copy a garden design?

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Question from Jules


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As a complete newbie to the site I understand that I can only have one garden plan per garden, but I would like to be able to play around with different design options and still be able to go back to my existing garden. I have just started with the dimensions and buildings in my garden and various trig points and still have to enter and link my trees and plants. I have also created a new garden but would like to know if it is possible to import the basic design - dimensions and plants - into my second (new) garden? Also, I did read somewhere that the garden design can be 'saved as' under the file menu so that I can have one design under different names which would be really helpful to act as a backup - I am very conscious that my garden plan could easily disappear with the 'clear garden plan' option! Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Posted: Sun. 23rd February 2014 14:13

Re: Can I copy a garden design?

Reply from Nicola

Hi Jules, thanks for your feedback. Currently no you cannot import a design from one garden to a new design for another garden and you can only save one plan per garden.

We are currently working on some pledges for our lifetime members but once we are completed with that work we will look at other improvements. Don't touch the clear garden plan:)) Also you can print pdf versions of your garden as you develop it if that helps.

Hope you share your garden plan with us:) All the best Nicola

  • Posted: Sun. 23rd February 2014 18:34

Re: Re: Can I copy a garden design?

Reply from Jules

Thanks for the response Nicola. Although I initiaIly thought I would use the planner to design a new garden (much needed!) I thought I'd start with a current plan of the garden - really to be able to mark out what is planted where (I can never remember where I planted bulbs in particular, or the labels come adrift from the perennials etc). For now, I think I will carry on in that vein and chart the changes as I do them rather than using it as a design tool. It would be good if you could consider whether it would be a useful improvement in the future though! How do most people use the planner - as a design tool or as a plan of their current garden?

I still have one query though, in the 'garden planner help' it does say you can save a plan with a different name - does this just mean you are overwriting the name or there are two copies?

I will happily share my plan - I was going to wait until I have put everything on but I can always put it on as a work in progress if anyone would be interested?

I am really enjoying what I have done so far, thanks for developing such a great idea!

  • Posted: Mon. 24th February 2014 19:55