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Garden Designer & Landscaper FAQ

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Hi all, we are putting together a page for garden designers and landscapers who use our Pro service (to read more click here).

Are we missing any common questions?

How do I create a client garden account?
1) Create a new garden
2) Give it a name such as 'Mrs Smith's garden'
3) Find and add the plants in Mrs Smith garden to her plant list.
4) You can then customise Mrs Smith's garden by adding notes, photos, and sorting plants into groups

How can I add plants?
There are three ways you can add plants to a client garden
1) Plant by plant. Find each plant using our search or A-Z lists and click 'ADD' button
2) Upload a long list all in one go using a .csv file. Look for 'Import Plant list' and follow the instructions. You can also import groups and notes at the same time
3) If you use Vectorworks Landmark 2013 you can use the Shoot Plant IDs directly when designing a client garden. Then just export the client plant list and import into Shoot.

How do I send a client garden to a client?
1. Find the garden
2. Click the SEND link
3. Add in client's name and email address
4. Tick box to save a copy for you
5. Then you need to email the client asking them to join Shoot using the same email you used to register them. We do not send an email for you but give you suggested text to use once you have completed the transfer.
6. When they register using the same email address their garden from you will be there.

Can I edit a client plant list after it is sent?
Currently not unless your client gives you their login details to Shoot. In the future we are looking at different PRO subscription which would give shared access along with each of your clients

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  • Posted: Wed. 2nd April 2014 13:43

Re: Garden Designer & Landscaper FAQ

Reply from Nicola


Do you send the invitation email to my client?
No we don't send an email to your client. Please send an email invitation to your client to join Shoot. We give you suggested text for the email once you have successfully transferred a garden. Please ensure they register using the same email you used for the transfer.

Can I save a copy of the client garden for my own purposes?
Yes, please remember to tick the box to save a copy at the time of sending a client garden.

I am having issues using the Shoot Plant ID list in Landmark software. Can you help?
No please contact Vectorworks or Training by Design.

  • Posted: Wed. 2nd April 2014 13:45