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Ixora Varieties

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Question from ShivB


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I have a dwarf variety of this plant, and the flowers look a little bit different than what's here. Can someone identify.

Ixora VarietiesIxora Varieties

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  • Posted: Mon. 14th April 2014 13:45

Re: Ixora Varieties

Reply from Carol

I don't know Ixora but neither of these look like the picture of Ixora flowers to me. The white one made me think of Skimmia - but I couldn't find any other convincing pictures of Skimmia to refer you to - it was the leaves that made me think that. What makes you think it's Ixora?

  • Posted: Tue. 15th April 2014 08:52

Re: Re: Ixora Varieties

Reply from ShivB

Well, i did a google image search,and lots of ixore coccinea popped up. Took your suggestion on skimmia, however, the buds really werent that bigger like skimmia's , the buds were super slim.

  • Posted: Sat. 19th April 2014 08:58