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Question from Louise Alexander


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I have a small city garden and all my plants are in pots. I'd like some advice on pruning as I'm not sure when to do this or how to. There are a few plants I need to prune:

- buddleia, a small pot version. Has grown well this year, bought as a plug plant last year, and needs taming! When do I prune?

- Fuschia upright Heidi Anne (My favourite!) I bought this a few years ago, it has done amazingly well this year in a tiny pot. I was going to re-pot it into a bigger pot, and also prune. It's a bit lop-sided so I need to shape it. Do I cut back to the woody stem or the green soft stem? When do I prune?

- Rose 'Bride & Groom'. We were given this as a wedding gift last year. It has grown well, again lop-sided so I need to shape it. It has flowered twice this summer, and the flowers are currently still coming through. When do I prune this? Are there any guidelines/tips as to how far back to prune a rose?

- Lavender hidcote bought new this year, has flowered well, when do I prune, or do I prune this one as it is its first year?

Many thanks in advance for the advice!


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  • Posted: Sun. 3rd August 2014 07:24

Re: Pruning advice

Reply from Nicola

Hi Louise. welcome to Shoot. The way this website works is after you add all your plants into your 'Plants I have' list pruning advice and reminders are added to a personal care calender for you.

If you don't know the variety names for all of your plants add 'any variety' plants. Here is your list:

Buddleja davidii (any variety)
Fuschia Heidi Ann
Rose 'Bride & Groom'
Lavender Hidcote

Login, click each link above and add each to your plants I have list. Then check your care calendar for monthly advice or you can look at all advice for all months for each plant in the HOW TO CARE tab on each plant page.

I hope you enjoy Shoot! Please let me know how you get on once you have added your plants to your list. Please also check your 'My Preferences' to ensure you have selected all the care types (e.g. pruning) you want added to calendar.

Kind regards,

  • Posted: Sun. 3rd August 2014 07:55