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Question from Phil Collins


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I recently bought a Hosta "Frosted Mouse Ears" and thought it a good idea to add it to "my plants" on the Shoot website. However, when I search for it I am confronted with a list of over 9000 plants, not all of which are hostas, but most include the word "Frosted". I have tried with and without parenthesis (single and double) but it makes little difference. Am I being a bit dim or is this a problem with Shoot's site? Grateful for any advice.

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  • Posted: Tue. 19th August 2014 19:48

Re: Searching for plants

Reply from Nicola

Dear Phil, please see attached screenshots. You can search the plant name using the predictive search at the top of the website.

I typed in the words Hosta frosted and found one match but not your specific plant Hosta Frosted Mouse Ears. Underneath the search bar there is an option for you to request we add this plant for you. Again see the screenshots attached.

Please let me know if this search works for you or if you need more help.
Many thanks, Nicola
p.s. we are now working on an enhancement which will allow you to keep a record of requested plants while we are working to enter them for you.

Re: Searching for plantsRe: Searching for plantsRe: Searching for plants

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  • Posted: Wed. 20th August 2014 08:38