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Making 'rooms'

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Question from Fi


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Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at our amateur efforts!
As you will see from the pic, I have already tried to make rooms - the top of the garden behind the summerhouse is wildlife on the right, veggie plot on the left. However the grass and borders on the right beyond the gravel patio, and the still to be developed grassy area on the left, are a problem for me. I like to see the plants at the top, but would like to have a bit more interest nearer the house, also provide some privacy and block off the wind - the view is looking south east.

Making 'rooms'

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  • Posted: Sat. 18th April 2009 22:08

Making rooms

Reply from David Sewell

Hi Fi,
I'm scratching my head here wondering how to answer this! If you want to see the area at the top you can't really screen further down the garden. However the only thing that will help with the wind and allow some privacy is some sort of screen....
It's quite difficult working out the perspective of the garden (ie how much space there is from front to back of the lawned area) but if you have room you might be able to scribe a circle from the centre of the path which would create a circular lawn (half circle either side of the path) and then you could cultivate the area outside the lawn to give you border space.
Ideally you wouldn't have the path in the middle like that because it bisects the garden and makes it look narrower but doing the above should help to counter that and give some width.

For a little privacy and to help break the wind up when you're sitting in the garden maybe you could put a 6ft trellis screen just halfway along the back edge of the gravel and slab terrace - and then scale it down to 3ft for the rest of the terrace (to avoid blocking the view completely). If you did this in a nice theatrical arc it would effectively be a quarter circle and fit in with the circular lawn themeā€¦

Unfortunately it's really hard to offer useable advice without actually seeing the site and all its nuances but maybe this gives a bit of food for thought.

All best,
David Sewell NCH, NDH

  • Posted: Wed. 6th May 2009 18:51

Yes, trellis!

Reply from Fi

Hi David
The quarter circle is such a great idea and gives me room for more of the climbers I love - but have used up practically all available space for. You're looking at approx 100' to back of summerhouse and your circular lawn is terrific too - I was kind of stagnant on how to deal with this and still keep the later sun, this solves the dilemma. I'll post another pic once I've done.
I'm anticipating wind as the poplars are being removed as they are quite brittle and dangerous now, being replaced with beech, and maple.
Bravo to you again.

  • Posted: Wed. 6th May 2009 19:02