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Patio re-think

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Question from Helen Marsden


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I thought I would take down the old car port in my garden and replace it with a stone slab patio atop the concrete base. Now the structure is down I think it is too large and is set at an awkward angle in relation to the path. Should I keep a smaller area of concrete base, which bit, and what shape? I am stuck, and would be grateful for assistance. I prefer a softer country garden look. I guess I need curves but how?

Patio re-thinkPatio re-think

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  • Posted: Thu. 18th September 2014 09:35

Re: Patio re-think

Reply from Gill Greetham

Hi there you could break up the stone slab patio by putting small pebbles in between the stone slabs that would break it up and create more patterns with a small change in which the slabs are laid, or perhaps create a slighter higher corner / edge with staggered height planters - hope this helps happy to expand if you wish me to.

  • Posted: Thu. 18th September 2014 20:48

Re: Re: Patio re-think

Reply from Helen Marsden

Thank you Gill - that sounds great. I had a good hard look at the space at the weekend and asked a couple of keen gardeners visiting me from Wales. Both agreed that if at all possible, I should remove the concrete base and start again. I am currently investigating the practicality of doing this, I may well be back to comtemplating your plan quite soon - its a close second, I love small pebbles in between stone slabs and I think I will do this in any event, concrete base or not. Thanks again ...

  • Posted: Mon. 22nd September 2014 13:40