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i have been using an old water butt as an extra compost bin and its making quite nice compost now but there is a lot of liquid in the bottom of bin that will come out if I turn tap on can this liquid be used as a feed and if so what dilutions

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  • Posted: Sun. 12th October 2014 11:53

Re: composting

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, dilewis,
The liquid is a great fertiliser but you are right, it will need to be diluted. Added as is and it will 'burn' leaves and young plants. Opinions differ - some say a 10:1 ration of water to liquid compost, others say 20:1. If unsure, add enough water until the mix looks like very weak tea. I would say the 10:1 ratio is good for mature plants, the 20:1 for container plants and young plants.
Hope this is useful!
All the best,
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 16th October 2014 16:57