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Red Robin in pots?

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Can red robin be grown in a pot to control height and spread?

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  • Posted: Sun. 2nd November 2014 12:00

Re: Red Robin in pots?

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Bill,
Yes, it can, but it will require some ongoing maintenance to 1) control its size and 2) keep it healthy. Not sure what size plant you will start with but if you have a small, young plant, plan on potting up to larger pot sizes over the next few years. It's never recommended to plant a very small specimen in a very large pot. Once you have the desired pot size/plant size, plan on root pruning the shrub every three years or so. This will keep the roots from girdling (wrapping around the inside of the pot) which will eventually cause the plant to strangle itself. To root prune, lift the plant out of the pot, prune no more than 1/3 of the root ball and then replant with fresh compost. You can expect the plant to resent this some so it might look tired for a little while after doing this.
And, with any plant in a pot, especially large ones, regular feed and water is essential. Nutrients tend to leach out of compost/pots quickly so a regular fertiliser schedule (follow the recommendations on the packet of the feed you choose) is important. As far as water is considered, don't let the compost completely dry out.
Hope this is helpful!
All the best,
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd November 2014 17:43

Re: Re: Red Robin in pots?

Reply from Bill Form

Thanks Kathy, much appreciated. Bill

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd November 2014 18:53

Re: Red Robin Dying

Reply from Baran

Hi I make propogation in my house after I change pots to a bigger one after some time passes my plant grown. After the plant grows I prune it to make it like a bush with more arms but after I cut them some of them started to die. Do you any reason why its dead or what I can I do for taking care them

  • Posted: Mon. 19th January 2015 17:33