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Hi there, i got hadge of buxus sempervirens, and i want to speed up it growing rate.Can i achive this with some fertilizer or something like that.
Thank you and have a nice day!

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  • Posted: Wed. 5th November 2014 05:15

Re: speed up

Reply from Clockhouse Nursery

Simple answer...no not really. Although buxus is quite a greedy plant, over feeding can result in problems. Just keeping them as healthy as possible will give you the best results. Feed with a slow release pelleted feed such as Osmocote, once a year or a liquid feed such as Miracle gro (also acts as a folia feed, which gets taken in through leaves & roots) every fortnight through growing season. You could also consider a specialist buxus feed such as Topbuxus "Health-Mix" which has the perfect balance of nutrients for buxus. This can only be used 3 times a year.
After all is said and done, patience is the best thing for a box hedge. Once the roots are established, in a good year, you should achieve between 2-5 inches of growth per year.
If you wanted a quicker hedge, box may not have been the best choice. The only way to 'cheat' would have been to buy larger specimens in the first place, which of course, would have been a lot more expensive.
Best of luck....stick with it.

  • Posted: Wed. 5th November 2014 08:18