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Suggestions for climbing roses?

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Question from Sarah Ansell


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I have an unexpected gap in my front border (due to my son sliding his car into it!): basically west to north west facing, frost hollow, but relatively warm in the summer, partial shade, clay but relatively neglected (I will need to mulch etc).

I would like to put a climbing rose on the fence - repeat flowering, fragrant, smallish blooms, not too rampant or thorny (public path on other side), colour not too important but not keen on pink. Any suggestions as I'm clueless and most roses seem to want full sun? Many thanks, Sarah

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  • Posted: Fri. 24th April 2009 15:12

Sorry, it's pink but not bright!

Reply from Fi

Hi Sarah
Instantly I thought of New Dawn - it loves it on my East/West shady border fence, on clay and no room for extra mulch (descends onto patio!).
It is a very soft pink, flowers profusely in June/July and again in Sept/Oct if you cut old buds off, then small hips for the birds. Recommend it highly.

  • Posted: Fri. 24th April 2009 21:21

The Generous Gardener

Reply from Laura Thomas

Hi Sarah

read your profile and since you have had your struggles with life and with gardening, what better than the Generous Gardener rose to give you the softest of pink blooms with a strong, delicious scent

Here is the link to it and other Partial Shade Tolerant Roses

and if you don't like any suggestion of pink - there is a New Dawn white version
best wishes

  • Posted: Sat. 25th April 2009 11:44

Thank you so much!

Reply from Sarah Ansell

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions and sorry I didn't reply sooner! Both sound like distinct possibilities, so I will do some more research. In fact we may be able to grow one at the back, as we now need to take down a large conifer by the fence which has become diseased (not the fence!). I will certainly use the forum again!

  • Posted: Sun. 3rd May 2009 17:18