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My new veggie plot aka 'allotment'

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Here's a pic of my new 'allotment' at the top of my garden - okay so I have access to a kettle, toilet etc but it's still bliming hard work!
Two little raised beds have brassicas, and salad respectively, large has peas, mange touts, sweet peas and herbs, nearest has runner beans seedlings and seeds planted. Unraised has Charlotte potatoes - yummy salad pots (try to grow the most expensive items to save money). Left of pic has fruit 'aisle' - raspberry canes, blueberry, blackcurrant, rhubarb (tiny yet), James Grieve apple, backed by Greengage trees, loganberries and blackberries. and a little trough of strawberries. Howzat!

My new veggie plot aka 'allotment'

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  • Posted: Fri. 24th April 2009 21:45

Veggie Patch

Reply from Joanne 9919

That's great Fi.

You've certainly put some hard work in, and you're growing such a variety of things. Keep us informed how you're progressing.


  • Posted: Sat. 25th April 2009 09:00

Your allotment

Reply from Linda

Well done - looking good. Must be handy to have things to hand. Our nearest loo is in the pub - which is a brilliant excuse for a lunch break on the riverside.

  • Posted: Sat. 25th April 2009 11:00


Reply from Fi

Hi Jo, will keep you up to progress. How are you doing? I have hundreds of tadpoles now in my pond, looks like piranhas! Fi

Linda - that's the downside, it's just not very social in your own back garden. I'm going to put my name down for a local allotment if only for the pub (or maybe barrel in the shed!) social side of things.
How's yours coming along? Fi

  • Posted: Sat. 25th April 2009 23:41


Reply from Joanne 9919

Hi Fi,

No tadpoles in my pond. I think I got it in too late for this year.

Work at the allotment is steady. I'm slowly getting it weeded and dug over. My potatoes are in as are some of my strawberries and I've got lots of things in the greenhouse waiting to go in.


  • Posted: Sun. 26th April 2009 07:55