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Mrs W. P. Wood

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This fuchsia is a favourite of mine. From April to September it just keeps on flowering. Blooms are very pearly pink, dangly drop earrings which subtly blend with light foliage.

Useful where you want to add height to a border and can be shaped to some extent. Mine grows on the edge of a part-shaded rockery and has taken on a zen like tree structure .

Mrs W. P. Wood

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  • Posted: Tue. 28th April 2009 18:59

Is it hardy?

Reply from Fi

Hi Laura
I've been looking for a large hardy fuchsia and love this one, thanks for posting the pic.
Is it hardy enough to leave in over winter?

  • Posted: Fri. 1st May 2009 08:59

Looks are deceiving!

Reply from Laura Thomas

Hi Fi

Appears to be delicate with its pale blooms and lightish green leaves but must be quite hardy as it's been through all of its 8 winters with no extra care or covering. Having said that, it is in a sheltered London garden so never over-exposed to the elements. Not sure how it would bear up North of the border or even with a severe winter.

It likes its part shady location and on sizzling summer days, looks as though it would appreciate even more shade.

I give the fuchsia a light prune in early Spring to shape it, and away she goes.

all the best

  • Posted: Mon. 4th May 2009 09:37