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Purple Beech

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Question from Andrea Simon


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We planted our purple beech Summer last year, it is still waiting to bloom, and brown leaved. All the other beech trees in our area are turning green and we are concerned that it isn't going to come to anything. How long does a fairly new tree take to bloom? there are buds but have beens for a number a months.
I look forward to any comments

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  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 22:48

New Beech

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Andrea
It is perfectly normal for a newly planted tree to leaf out/bloom later than established trees. Your young tree is most likely still recovering from planting - making up for root damage/loss, loss of moisture, etc. As for Fagus sylvatica, I had to track the seasonal progress of an 'Asplenifolia' and a 'Riversii' back in my uni days. Both trees were mature, at least 30 years old. On both, the buds didn't swell until the very end of April, with leaves fully out by the second week of May. Given that, I would say your little guy probably just needs more time. If in a couple of weeks you are still concerned, you can give a few little tests to see if the tree is alive. First, test for branch/twig flexibility. Gently bend a twig, if it bends without snapping, it is a good sign the tree is still alive. Also, carefully scrape away the top layer of a very small section of 'bark' or twig surface. If you see a thin layer of green underneath, you are looking at a healthy cambium layer that transports food, etc. Green - it's alive, no green and I am afraid you will need a new tree.
If you want more info about what to expect with newly planted trees, I think this link is quite useful.
Good luck and let me know how your tree is fairing.
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Thu. 30th April 2009 18:19