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Is holly safe to grow next to a house?

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Question from Silentboo


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We have a big hollybush growing just 5cm from our house, how worried do I need to be about it damaging foundations?

Internet research suggests that this is not ideal, but there's a house nearby which has a well groomed hollybush as high as it is right up against it's wall also.

Any advice would be helpful, do we just need to keep it below a certain height, or would it be best to remove it? There's a well established climbing rose growing about 15cm from it and I'd hate to damage that with any tinkering.

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  • Posted: Sun. 12th July 2015 14:27

Re: Is holly safe to grow next to a house?

Reply from Ruskins Trees

You need the advice of a Tree Consultant. If you keep it small, it will have little influence, if you let it grow it will have a larger influence. If you are on shrinkable clay and the foundations your house is on will also have a input.

  • Posted: Sun. 15th November 2015 10:01

I would say yes

Reply from Bea

How lovely to have Holly growing by the house. When I researched safe trees the Holly never came up as risky. If your drains are in good order most trees won't affect them, especially if planted after the drains were installed. Also I don't think Hollies suck up water as some plants do e.g. Salix.

  • Posted: Thu. 26th November 2015 10:56