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Yoshino cherry (Prunus x yedoensis 'Shidare Yoshino')

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Question from scott bartlett


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I have a Yoshino cherry tree that is not leafing throughout all the branches. Also some branches seem to be dried up. The trunk might be rotting I'm not sure though please see attached photo. I did find some caterpillars that made a home I will take care of this today. . The tree is not that old about 7' tall and 5-6" round. I really would like to help this tree get healthy again please help.

Scott Bartlett

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  • Posted: Fri. 1st May 2009 19:05

sick cherry

Reply from David Sewell

Hi Scott,
Unfortunately your picture hasn't posted successfully which is a shame because it would have been enormously helpful.
Cherries can be really fickle trees. If you prune them too hard they can die on you and if they suffer a long hot summer with a lack of water they can turn their toes up over the following couple of years. I've seen this happen many times.
If branches have dried up and aren't now in leaf then they have died. They need pruning back to live wood and the time to do this is June and July. If you prune in the winter or early spring you run the risk of Silver Leaf disease - which may be your problem...
I would also give the tree a general feed this year. Something like fish blood and bonemeal or any general shrub and tree fertiliser would encourage new shoots and growth. If it gets really hot and dry remember the water thing!

If you could spare the caterpillars there is a myriad of songbirds trying to feed their youngsters at the moment....I'm sure they appreciate them!

Hope this helps.
All best,
David Sewell NCH, NDH

  • Posted: Wed. 6th May 2009 18:28