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planting 80 oak trees

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what can be expected from root growth, from the planting of 80 evergreen oak trees, about 14-16 feet tall. close to a 8 foot stone wall, & about 35 feet from a house

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  • Posted: Mon. 2nd November 2015 12:13

Re: planting 80 oak trees

Reply from Ruskins Trees

It is not just the root growth, it is the ability of the roots to draw moisture across the soil from under the wall and house. The main concern over this is if you have shrinkable clay, which is desiccated in summer (shrinks) and swells (when moist in winter).

If not clipped these will mature eventually into massive majestic trees (google Quercus ilex images). If you restrict their canopy size on an on-going basis you also restrict their moisture requirements. A Tree Consultant could advise you on this risk.

They can make excellent clipped aerial hedges, we have supplied and planted many, Please request aftercare guidelines and planting instructions from your supplier, the trees will need assistance establishing for at lease 5 summers as per BS8545:2014.

It will be a dense functional screen, if a bit monochrome, but you can plant more ornamental specimens in front and these will be enhanced by the plain background.

You could install a root barrier (if the right product is used and installed correctly - there are a lot of "root barriers" that are not deep enough to have the desired effect) to stop the wicking of moisture across the soil from the wall/house.

  • Posted: Sun. 15th November 2015 09:19