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Question from Paula J LaPierre


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I have had 2 of these plants in large wooden planters for 3 years--they seem very healthy (no bugs) and grow well but have not flowered. Suggestions? (Montreal, Canada)

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  • Posted: Fri. 27th November 2015 21:20

Lonicera Tellmanniana.

Reply from Peter R Downes

From Kent, England. Sorry to see you've had no replies. I have one of these in my garden. Whether it flowered in the first two years I can't remember but my guess is it is probably now about 4-5 years old now and certainly flowers well. Even now, Jan 2016, it's got some flowers on because we've had an unusually mild winter so far. It does flower early and gives us a good show. I don't know if you have ever pruned the plants or not but it is suggested that pruning Tellmanniana should be carried out after flowering, therefore quite early in the year which would suggest to me that it flowers on previous year's growth. Mine is planted in the ground although I do have a different honeysuckle planted in a pot and that always flowers well too. Hopefully it will make it's mind up to flower this year for you. Regards, Peter.

  • Posted: Sun. 3rd January 2016 14:00

Re: Lonicera Tellmanniana.

Reply from Paula J LaPierre

Dear Peter; Thanks so much--you are probably right! I never thought of that--I have been pruning it in the fall--taking off almost all the new wood which might bear flowers the next spring if you are right. I have learnt my lesson doing this with some clematis which flower on the previous year's wood--so--we will see! I do the same thing with my Mandarin honeysuckle and it grows and blooms again fine each year. We get a ton of snow here so it is wise not to have too much stuff on walls or trellises or the snow pulls it down. Thanks again, Paula

  • Posted: Sun. 3rd January 2016 14:53