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Is the Care Calendar Location Specific

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Question from Philip Slade


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I love the facility which sends through reminders about jobs to be done for each month. I was speaking to a friend at our gardening club about it and she was very keen on the concept.

She then asked if the calendar is based on the weather in the South of England because up in the North of Scotland we can be a good month or two behind. She was concerned that the website would give suggestions which could be detrimental if based on an assumption for England. Ie pruning could end up being done at the wrong time which ends up damaging a plant.

I couldn't answer her.

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  • Posted: Wed. 10th February 2016 13:53

Re: Is the Care Calendar Location Specific

Reply from Nicola

Hi Philip, thanks for spreading the word about Shoot to your gardening club friends!

Our care calendar is used by people all over the UK and actually even some in other regions such as the US use it too. We do give a range of timing based on your local climate. So for pruning care instructions for example we ask members to wait to prune until any risk of frost is past and give a range of months in which you can do the activity. Even if we did give an exact month the weather each year can vary. So the best advice is to wait until frost is past irrespective of your location to prune. I hope that answers the question?

Kind regards, Nicola
p.s. you have some lovely garden photos! Thanks for sharing your garden profile.

  • Posted: Wed. 10th February 2016 14:18

Re: Re: Is the Care Calendar Location Specific

Reply from Philip Slade

Hi Nicola

Thanks for your reply. I must have missed where in the emails it gives a range. The emails give care instructions for February, say. It might be useful if it also said "and March, April".

I thought her point was fair enough because it takes some time for gardens up here to wake up. That said I do have some crocuses coming through.



  • Posted: Wed. 10th February 2016 15:30