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Strulch to use or not - definitely yes

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General post from Gill Greetham


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In July 2014 I posted asking for any views on Strulch. To cut a long story short, well I eventually bought some last spring and having used it for nearly a year thought it relevant to report back for anyone interested or considering buying this product.
It is very briefly - a light and easy to use garden mulch made from wheat straw for organic gardening. A patented process is used to ‘preserve’ the straw so that it lasts for up to two years and gives an earthy brown colour. Strulch has a neutral pH and can be used throughout the garden on borders, raised beds, around cultivated fruit and on vegetable plots.
It is really rather good and does everything it says it does, keeps weeds down and deters snails and slugs, feeds the soil under it, retains moisture in the dry spells. it isn't cheap but that said it isn't expensive if you weigh up the pros and cons including the fact it lasts at least two years. It works out as follows - 25 x 150 litre bags will cover up to 110 square metres.
Price per bag: £8.88
Weight per bag: 13.5kg
Please understand I have no financial or corporate interest in this company this is just a review from one amateur gardener to this group.

Strulch  to use or not - definitely yes

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  • Posted: Thu. 18th February 2016 20:27

Re: Strulch to use or not - definitely yes

Reply from Oxford Garden Partners

Gill - Just to say I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am professional garden designer, and I now use Strulch for every planting project where the client is willing to pay for it. Most of them are, and most of them carry on ordering it themselves to use after the initial planting. It's great stuff. Like you, I have no financial or other interest in the company.

  • Posted: Fri. 19th February 2016 10:49