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I have two yuccas which I grow in doors by a south facing patio window. They are well established, approx 1.5m tall. Just recently they have been producing a sticky substance from their leaves which is playing havoc with our flooring! Is this normal for yuccas or am I doing something wrong? Gill F

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  • Posted: Sun. 19th June 2016 09:57

Re: Yuccas

Reply from eric jolley

check carefully for insects aphids or scale insects wich give off honeydew if this is not the cause certain plants go throgh a process called "guttation" which produces xylem sap this is rich in sugars making it sticky,it's a process that occurs at night normally in the day transpiration takes place the plant drawing up moisture which readily evaporates through the day, at night when transpiration is less pressure builds up from the roots forcing out xylem sap usually near leaf tips and joints.Cutting down the amount of light could slow the problem down other than that wash it off with tepid water or put a disposable cover on the floor during the night.

  • Posted: Tue. 1st November 2016 18:21

Re: Re: Yuccas

Reply from GILL FOX

Thanks Eric. That's very useful information which I shall take heed of! The yukkas have spent the summer in the garden and are looking good at the moment but I've brought them in doors for the winter, so fingers crossed! Kind regards, Gill

  • Posted: Wed. 2nd November 2016 08:51