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As this plant has started to flower, it has attracted bees by the hundred! Yesterday the whole wall was humming loudly as they collected the pollen. Unfortunately I'm worried about my toddler who has no fear of bees and it may have to go.

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  • Posted: Fri. 22nd May 2009 13:52

Bees and babies

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Samantha
I, too, have a toddler and like you, have a plant in my garden that attracts hundreds of bees. It's a type of Ice plant (Aptenia cordifolia) that grows like mad here (I moved from England in Jan to California) and I have it covering a slope in my back garden. Bees love it and are happily pollinating all day. My daughter is out playing near it most days and so far, has not met with mishap. She, too, is fearless and loves to look at the bees. I have repeatedly said not to touch the bees and she doesn't try right now. Luckily, she is not allergic to bees so I think if she does get too brave and tries to grab a bee, the sting might deter her from trying in the future!
I have removed another plant from my garden, not because of bees, but because it is highly toxic - Oleander (Nerium oleander) - so toxic that even if it burns, the smoke is deadly. Didn't want to do it as it is beautiful, but as a horticulturalist and mother, I was not at all comfortable with it growing in my garden with a little one around. A bit worrying that common plants around that are poisonous! Even good old yew!
Anyway, I digress. Please let me know what you do.
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Sat. 23rd May 2009 19:48

Bees and Toddler

Reply from Samantha Heaton

Hi Kathy,

I have left the shrubs in as the bees have moved on now without misshap. There are quite a few plants in the garden that have now flowered and are attracting bees and if I pulled them all up I would end up with just a large patch of soil! I was told the other day that bees in this country are on the decline, so perhaps I should leave them to help with the environment. My little boy does keep trying to pluck the bees off the flowers now though! I guess I should just keep my fingers crossed he doesn't get stung and keep telling him not to touch. Poisonous plants are a big worry, the one you had sounds frightening. Can't take your eyes off them for a second can you?

  • Posted: Mon. 29th June 2009 14:36