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Advice on Zantedeschia (Arum Lily & Trumpet Lily)

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Comment from Andrew Smith


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I have bought the following varieties of Zantedeschia - Black Pearl (Trumpet Lily), aethiopica Green Goddess and aethiopica Crowborough - http://www.crocus.co.uk/search/_/search.Zantedeschia/

I am going to be planting them in our south facing Back Garden in Southampton, Hampshire. I have been reading that they like a lot of water. Unfortunately I do not have a pond or stream in our garden.

How much water do thse plants REALLY need? Will watering them every evening be ok?
Are they ok to be planted in full sun or do they really need a bit of shade?

I have read that they are slightly frost hardy. As I live in Southampton on the South Coast of England, do they think they will be ok to be left in the ground through out the winter?

I have read various articles about them on various web sites and I am getting a lot of conflicting information!!!!!!

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  • Posted: Fri. 21st March 2008 23:12

About Arum lily

Reply from Cris


Well they do require full sun- so your south facing bed should be great for them. Give them a humus-rich soil that is kept moist - so depending on the weather this may mean to water every morning - although many sources say it is cultivated best as a marginal aquatic. One idea would be to create a little wet area for them if you are very keen. Dig a hole and line it with pond liner. This would create a make-shift water edge for it.
They are hardy to 10 degrees C or there-abouts. So given you are above this (I don't know exact South Hampton temp), and if you are placing them in a protected area, just give them a thick winter mulch and they should be okay. I am in london and my neighbour grows hers in the front beds and they last well through the winter.

  • Posted: Sat. 22nd March 2008 00:14

Advice on Zantedeschia (Arum Lily & Trumpet Lily)

Reply from Marissa Zoppellini

Hi Andrew

Although they will appreciate good light levels, I would choose a position that is not in direct sunlight, opting for a sheltered position, as sun and wind will speed up water loss from the plants. A sheltered position, out of cold winds and frosts will improve their chances over winter too. Ensure that the plants do not have competitive neighbours that will suck up too much ground water, eg trees, also avoid planting in dry spots, eg foot of a wall or near concreted in fence posts. Prepare the planting hole quite deeply, adding organic matter to the soil you use to backfill - this will aid water retention. Addding an organic mulch annually after a wet period in spring will help too and another thick mulch in autumn to keep them cosy in winter. Personally, I would not put anything in my garden that needed watering in anything but a prolonged dry spell (unless it was in a container or I could eat it!), the above points will prevent the need for routine daily watering.

I am sure they will look very stylish and wish you much enjoyment of them!

  • Posted: Fri. 28th March 2008 11:39