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Meconopsis nepaulensis

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Tip from Anne Etheridge


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Please note that this plant is monocarpic.
This means once it flowers that particular plant dies.
So when buying a plant try and search out the one with the most seperate basal shoots, you can then allow one of these to flower and pinch out any other flower buds, eventually you will have a small swathe of plants which you can allow to flower.
Anne Etheridge AEE - a lover of plants

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  • Posted: Sat. 30th May 2009 00:52

Thanks for the tip!

Reply from Nicola

Hi Anne, Glad to have you join us! Thanks for the tip.

By the way, if you want people to find you & your plant nursery more easily, then just add your personal profile to our members' directory. To do this, login, and click 'edit profile' - add in your details and photo and then each comment or tip you add will be linked automatically to it. (Just like mine is at the top if you click 'Nicola')

There will be a link to your business listing in your personal profile once you upload it. Hope that makes sense!

I also hope you enjoy the site! Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 30th May 2009 07:54