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Question from tracy r


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I'm moving house and my new garden is a blank rectangle (70'x80') with high fence panelling to the right and back (beyond which are neighbouring gardens) and old high conifer border to the left beyond which are open fields. I want to remove the conifers & replace with something that does not entirely obscure the view beyond but don't know how to do this without making the garden look odd having two fenced borders and one different. Any ideas or tips? The garden faces WSW.

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  • Posted: Wed. 3rd June 2009 08:45

Boundary suggestions

Reply from Mark Pumphrey

With a garden as described the key is to draw your attention away from the fences. Careful planting on both the right and left boundary will help connect them together. If you repeat the plant selection this all helps to create a link between the two separate boundaries. Without seeing the views it is difficult to understand what you are trying to see. Look to using accent plants to frame the views making the view more important. Vertical trees such as Pyrus Chanticleer work well as they are not wide spreading and will provide flowers as well as great Autumn colour. Tall shrubs that have an open habit such as Tamarisk and the Canadian Lilacs work well. Tall Grasses such as Giant chinese silver grass (Miscanthus floridulus 'Giganteus' ) but be careful as it does spread. Other alternatives could be using bamboos as these will reach can reach 2-3 m height and yet still have an open habit.

Mark Pumphrey MSGD

  • Posted: Thu. 4th June 2009 18:28