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scented shrubs

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General post from Hugh Mc Laughlin


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Hi, I new to shoot would like to plant flowers/ shrubs which give off a strong pleasant scent. Anyone any good suggestions.

Regards Hugh.

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  • Posted: Thu. 4th June 2009 21:44

Welcome to Shoot!

Reply from Nicola

Hi Hugh - welcome to the site. I hope you are enjoying it so far. You can look at the recent Chelsea Garden we profiled called the 'Perfume Garden' for some inspiration.

Also here is another list of shrubs which are fragrant:


Hope that helps! All the best Nicola

  • Posted: Fri. 5th June 2009 09:47

Scented plants

Reply from Georgie

Hi Hugh

I'm a huge fan of scented plants and here's a list of my current favourites.

Hesperis (Sweet Rocket)
Oriental Lilies
Sweet Peas
Scented Pelargoniums
Lonicera (Honeysuckle)
Evening Primrose
Pittosporum tobira

Hope that gives you a few ideas. Do let us know what you decide to grow.


  • Posted: Sat. 6th June 2009 17:52

Scented shrubs

Reply from Otto

I would add to the above lists Sarcoccoca confusa (sweet box), which is a small evergreen winter flowering shrub. The flowers are insignificant but smell lovely in late winter.

  • Posted: Sat. 6th June 2009 19:39

Scented shrubs

Reply from Lynda Blomerus

How about mock orange, I have the double flowering variety and it looks and smells lovely!
Witchazel is good too, specially in the winter!

  • Posted: Sat. 6th June 2009 22:04